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Customer Loyalty
JUNE 2018

Loyalty can only be expected when the relationship of both parties is on good terms. When one party perceives that it is getting the short end of the stick, then...

Fortune 500 and Enterprise
JUNE 2018

Fortune 500 companies don’t exactly need a lot of help in the business department given the fact that they’ve already ascended to the very top in their respective fields, but..

Texting Takes Over for Email
JUNE 2018

When I log on to the computer, I always make a point of checking my email to learn of any news that I may have missed. I check my account to see emails that I may...

Taking the Place of the Old School Hotline
JUNE 2018

You stay up long enough watching TV and you’re eventually going to find yourself sucked into tuning to one of those over-the-top...

Small Business Communications: Mom and Pop Stores Need an Upgrade
JUNE 2018

Think of the corner store you used to frequent as a kid. It almost seems as though these old neighborhood shops never lose their...

Business Texting as a Replacement for the Commercial
JUNE 2018

Commercials can really help boost a company’s profile. Those Super Bowl ads that are so highly anticipated are broadcasted to...

Reinvigorating the Mom and Pop Store with a Texting Program
JUNE 2018

There’s nothing better after a long hard day of work than to tuck into a nice warm meal when you come home. It’s delicious...

Texting as the Apparent Enemy of Conversations
JUNE 2018

Whenever I find myself hopelessly engrossed into yet another feature film, I find that what usually lures me in are the intense interactions...

Big Business Machinations For the Small Business
JUNE 2018

It’s tough not to marvel at just how well those really big and really successful businesses manage and run themselves. Call them...

TEXT! Be Heard and You Will Benefit Over a Lifetime
JUNE 2018

Your friends have a great deal of influence over your actions. You may not readily admit, but plenty of the things you like and the...

Appreciating the Usefulness
of Texting
JUNE 2018

Whenever I find myself hopelessly engrossed into yet another feature film, I find that what usually lures me in are the intense interactions that...

New Building Block of Corporate Success: Business Texting
JUNE 2018

Business is built upon a solid foundation of a good product and/or service, a core group of employees that are working towards a single goal of...


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