Business Texting 
as a Replacement for the Commercial

JUNE 2018

Commercials can really help boost a company’s profile. Those Super Bowl ads that are so highly anticipated are broadcasted to a mind-boggling number of people, and companies are willing to make that significant investment needed to get the commercial spot because they know just how important that boost really is. The issue for most companies is that they have nowhere near the amount of money needed to actually place a bid on a possible commercial spot. Even a 60-second spot can cost millions and millions of dollars during television events such as the Super Bowl. Even having an ad placed on TV shows that are not quite as widely seen can still be costly and the investment for most companies is simply impossible to make regardless of the exposure that it can generate. That’s why more and more companies are getting more creative with their marketing efforts. Companies are now even starting to use business texting as a way to generate their own buzz.

Texting may not seem like it at first but it can fact be competently used as a substitute for all those well-produced commercials that the companies like to distribute. Think about what the commercial actually does. For the most part, it simply introduces a product or a service to the viewing audience, now it can employ different methods to so. Some commercials opt for a more direct approach and just come out and say what their products are about while some prefer a more artistic way of doing it, often using humor as a device to get customers interested. Both ways have shown that they can appeal to customers, but the bottom-line here is that they are successful because they were able to communicate the product or the service effectively to the audience. There’s no reason for texting to fail at essentially fulfilling the same role.

Business texting can work as an advertising aid because it can convey the essence of the product or service effectively. A simple text informing a customer about a product can contain all the pertinent information about it, and that’s about as good an introduction as a company can hope for. Business texting is getting more use within the corporate community. It may not be seen as of yet as a genuine replacement to the traditional commercial, but it is at the very least a worthy accompaniment.

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