Appreciating the Usefulness
of Texting

JUNE 2018

It’s easy to take some of the most important things for granted. The meals you eat, the roof that’s over your head, and even the clothes that you are able to wear, these are just some of the things you never pay a second mind to on a daily basis, and yet not everyone in this world has the privilege of eating these meals, of sleeping under roofs or even of just wearing clothes. It puts into better perspective just how important certain things really are, and how we need to appreciate them even more. One thing you and I have taken for granted is the ability to speak. We talk with people every day don’t we, and we never really think about what life could be like if that voice was suddenly taken from us. It can render us unable to communicate, particularly with those who are miles away from us. This used to be such a grave concern for people with hearing and speech disabilities, but their worries have been somewhat displaced by the presence of texting.

Texting is in essence the evolved form of writing letters. Instead of putting pen to paper to compose a message, people can just type using the keypads on their mobile phones and come up with the message that they want to send. In addition to the easier writing process provided by texting, it also greatly cuts down on the number of difficulties that people have to deal with when they send the messages. These are all obviously very useful benefits, but the single most important benefit provided by texting is its ability to give the speech and hearing impaired individuals with a way to communicate with people from great distances conveniently. The keyword there is conveniently. Texting is the practical way to send a message to someone, and the fact that it is eminently available to people from all walks of life, regardless of their physical conditions just makes it even more useful.

Business texting is also being made available these days by certain telecom companies, and that means that the speech and hearing impaired can now communicate directly with businesses. Instead of having to go through a middleman to get their message across to a particular company, they can now make use of business texting to greatly improve the service they receive and to address any issues that they may have.

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