Take Your Toll-free & Local Numbers To New Heights

Get The Most Out Of Your Existing Lines By Sharing Videos, Photos, Texts, & More

Be the first to take advantage on the unbeatable features of having a smart phone line whether if it’s toll-free or your local number. Not only will you get ahead of the competition, but also, you get to set your own unique trend of leading the innovative group of enterprises that offer convenience, satisfaction, and a more meaningful experience to your customers to keep them coming back for more.

Here’s How We Make Your
Existing Phone Lines SMART

1.  Your customers can send text messages to your existing toll -free or local numbers, providing them with the experience that is most convenient for them.

Did you know?
66% of customers will consider switching to a competitor after being kept on hold longer than expected. 48% of businesses are currently equipped to handle texts regularly, do you belong to the group?

2.   We then push these text messages to your staff which they receive via mobile, PC, or even directly to a link on your CRM software.

We guarantee no barriers or disturbances to your existing carriers or phone systems.

3.   Develop long-term relationships, interact with customers actively in real-time and increase productivity by allowing your agents to handle multiple conversations with quick replies and efficiency.

You’ve already promoted your number everywhere, boost it up to achieve more and increase its efficiency.


Built to Suit Your Enterprise’s Needs

Gain and experience unbeatable accessibility through itext.io’s Enterprise Enhanced Messaging Platform built and especially designed to handle high volume organizations. Take advantage of our capabilities to deploy countless agents with our call center handling 240,000 unique photos or text per minute!

Scale As You Grow With Utmost Reliability

With a 99.99% uptime, have confidence and trust on us as a premier enhanced messaging carrier using our patent technology which allows you to scale as you grow while relying on quality internal and external communication needs.

You’re in Good Hands With Our Security

Have peace of mind that your vital information won’t be in the wrong hands with the help of our leading data-breach prevention system that allows easy & quick user authentication, usage monitoring, protection on proprietary data, secured communication, enforcement of policies, as well as report infractions.

Compliance On Enterprise Standards

Because security and commitment to your data’s safety are the basis in developing our Enterprise Enhanced Messaging Platform,we made sure that all standards and government industry regulators were fulfilled to ensure optimum success on both our side as well as on our clients’ end.

Ease Up Your Business Processes With Dynamic Automated Intelligence

Lessen the cost of live transactions and provide a fully automated service for your customers with itext.io's patent-pending Dynamic Automated Intelligence Service, allowing you to automatically manage 20 to 60% of customer transactions designed to fit your business needs.

Secure Your Information With Our Identity Validation

Ensure that the right information gets to the right people by adding an extra layer of security to your system. itext.io's Enterprise Enhance Messaging Platform features a secure and automated identity validation per level to protect your business at all costs.

Drive More Positive Revenues

Boost sales conversions and provide a better experience for both your customers and staff with your new SMART line, enhanced with superior clarity and convenience. What's more, improve every transaction with comprehensive insights and advantageous business intelligence collected from your conversation history.

Your Company Is On The Line, Strengthen Your Assets &Secure Success

Your existing phone lines are a valuable asset that you spent countless investments to promote. Your customers could be searching for it from thousands of online and offline directories Don't miss out on great opportunities, engage more customers and convert more sales by strengthening your assets today.

Easy & Better Business With Simplied Communication

Simplicity is beauty, save time and money by simplifying your organization's internal and external communication with itext.io's cutting -edge Enhanced Messaging Platform. Have a clear and simple interaction with an effortless communication.

More Than Just Words, More Than Just Service

Redefine your communications, build trust and better relationships with your customers by allowing your business to send and receive videos and images for better engagement and interactions.

Add Intelligence To Level Up Your Existing Phone Numbers
Enhanced ACCESSIBILITY = Better Business Efficiency

We understand that you’ve invested so much for your current phone numbers that you’ve published across various sites already. Don’t let it be a thing in the past as you can achieve more and gain more with modern communications brought to you by itext.io’s innovative platform.

Get ahead to be on top of today’s mobile-driven world by gaining more accessibility, building better client relationships, and lowering expenses while boosting your existing phone numbers.

Send and receive texts on your same old phone lines while gaining more presence for your brand on your client’s mobile phone.

Make a Wise Choice, Upgrade to a SMART Line Today

Don’t let your company miss out. Reach more customers, gain the edge over yourcompetitors, improve your business, & upgrade your lines today. Input your phone numbersbelow and check your qualification for a SMART line communication.

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