TEXT! Be Heard 
and You Will Benefit Over a Lifetime

JUNE 2018

Your friends have a great deal of influence over your actions. You may not readily admit, but plenty of the things you like and the things you don’t like are probably affected at least in part by the friends that you have. That’s certainly natural, and just about everyone in the same way. You listen to your friends as well. You want to hear their takes on your problems just as much as you want to offer your advice to them. All these things happen because you think of your friends very highly, just another reason for why companies also want to assume a very friendly and cordial relationship with you. They know that establishing that type of relationship is crucial to further business transactions down the road. It’s another reason why business texting is becoming more widespread and why more companies are going to start sending you texts.

The likely initial reaction upon learning of a company potentially wanting to form a bond of friendship with you is one of skepticism. Consumers know that companies have an end game, and that is to make money, so any relationship with them is likely going to lead to money changing hands, but that would be the narrow-minded way of looking at things. While companies are motivated by generating revenues, it is not their only goal when it comes to trying to form a more responsive relationship with their clients. As business texting shows, there is another reason for why companies want to hear from their customers, and it may even be to the customer’s liking.

Here’s the main reason why forming a friendly relationship with a company can actually be beneficial, and it basically boils down to the fact that you as the customer can now finally have input. In the past companies, can assume provide the illusion of paying attention to their customers’ comments, but now you can actually make certain that you are heard because of business texting. When you send a business text to a company that contains your input, you are setting it out there for them to read and respond to. The mere fact that your suggestion or comment is now out there makes it more likely that it will be responded to. Maybe it’s not the same as actually asking your friend for a favor, but the fact that you now have more of an impact on a company’s actions can at least make you aware of just how useful business texting really is.

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