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How Retail Service Sectors Provide Highly Compelling Customer Experience With

RoomStore, a growing retail furniture store, desires a more efficient way to connect with their customers to provide superior service and customer experience.

Communication is a vital element for service sectors of every business, providing customers with information about their past dues, order status updates, offers, and many more. However, customers nowadays are always on the move and are too busy to take calls or regularly check emails. Time is of the essence in modern society, a more convenient, time-saving method of communication is in high demand.

RoomStore's promoted phone lines are already well-known by their customers. enables them to provide a much efficient and preferred option of communication by upgrading their phone numbers to a more versatile SMART network, allowing them to send text messages, share videos and images, and so much more.

97% of smartphone owners in the US use text messaging at least once a day, making it the most widely-used and frequently used app on their phone.

How Service Sectors Gain The Advantage

Instant Updates On New Inventory & Order Status

RoomStore’s new SMART phone lines allow them to instantly send SMS updates about new inventories and availability, as well as updates on customer's order status, shipping confirmation, and delivery notifications. Text messages through their existing landlines significantly reduce the number of calls their staffs need to manage, as well as saving their customers a lot of time from common inquiries.

About 79% of companies believe customers prefer text support.

Quick Distribution of Special Offers & Reminders of Past Due Payments's Enterprise Enhanced Messaging Platform allows RoomStore to utilize effective marketing strategies by sending coupons, discount codes, limited sales and more via text messages. They can also send instant reminders of their customer's past due payments through text alerts.

Studies show that 75% of consumers prefer to receive offers via text messages.

Reduce Cart Abandonment & Boost Sales

Retail service can send friendly SMS with their SMART phone lines to customers with abandoned items in their cart and encourage them to complete their purchase. They can even add a special offer and discounts to persuade customers even more. Text messages with freebies and exclusive price offer for each customer referrals also help boost their sales and establish stronger customer loyalty.

About 90% of users who opt-in on SMS loyalty programs feel they gained value from it.

Provide Immediate Service & Reduce Cost

Utilizing's Enhanced Messaging Platform, RoomStore can provide automated responses to common inquiries and service request, allowing their staff to focus more  crucial matters. With text messaging, they can even reduce expenses from print ads, calls, and digital marketing expense.

More than 1/2 of consumers would prefer text messaging over any other communication methods.

How Retail Service Sector Can Use Their New SMART Lines

  • Provide a More Convenient Customer Service

  • Send Friendly Reminders of Payments

  • Send Order Confirmation Messages

  • Send Order Status Updates

  • Send Video or Images of Customer’s Order

  • Send Marketing Surveys & Collect Data

  • Send Rewards & Offers To Entice Buyers

  • Send news, new item arrivals and keeps customers up-to-date

  • Send Delivery Notifications

  • Allow Customers To Send Call Back Request

  • “Send Special Deals, Offers and Coupons

  • Send Schedules For Appointments

  • Send Follow-ups On Undecided Purchases

Each satisfied customer from each successful service is a well-earned achievement for retail service sector agents. allows businesses like RoomStore to experience the unrivaled advantage of a SMART communication network in the convenience of their existing landlines.

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