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Business may encounter some critical circumstances such as customers demanding for faster and better service, workloads starting to overflow, your staff are struggling to handle each call and transaction, customers are being put on hold longer than it should, and in worse case scenarios, your clients decide to cut their calls and do their business elsewhere.

The problem in this situation is that customers just doesn’t have a lot of time to spare to spare anymore and being tied to a phone when they could be doing the things that matter more to them can create a lot of friction and discord between them and your business. Not to mention, it can also produce a ton of stress and tension in the air in your organization.

Step-up your business, streamline your communication network, increase efficiency and productivity for your business processes, and provide excellent service to your customers in the most convenient way possible. With, your existing phone lines will be able to do more, your company can provide better service, and you can achieve greater success like never before.

Your Business & Customers Matter,
Here’s How Both Can Benefit

How Your Business Can Take Advantage

Increase Accessibility With A Wider Reach

Text messaging is popular, and it’s available on almost all mobile devices. Open the doors to a vast range of possibilities for your business here at

About 78% of people wish they could have a text conversation with businesses.

Enhanced Customer Service

Provide the best comfort for your customers, offering better engagement and interaction that is most convenient for them resulting to complete satisfaction.

About 65% of consumers believe that business should use text messages more.

Reduce Cost & Increase Efficiency

Text messaging allows you to handle multiple transactions at once and handle each transaction significantly faster than the time it takes to handle a single phone conversation.

Over 52% of customers would rather text a customer support agent instead of using other available options.

Raise Sales Promote More Conversation

Eliminate barriers that causes difficulties for customers to deal with business like yours. Enable a free transaction with no hold time and send offers with less disruption.

About ​90% of leads​ prefer to be texted​ rather than ​called.

Build Customer Relationships & Loyalty

Text messaging is convenient, and it increases customer satisfaction. When Customers are comfortable and happy with your service, they are more likely to deal business with you again and again.

About ​64% of consumers​ are more likely to have a positive perception of companies that communicate via text messaging.

High Open & Response Rate

Distribute personalized promotions, offers, updates, and information with an effectively high open and response rate.

Text messaging​ has a 98% open rate and 45% response rate, and about 75% of people would like to have offers sent to them via text messages.

How It Benefits Your Customers

No Waiting On Hold

Time is gold and your customers have a lot of other things to do. Free them from the hassle and provide the best experience with the efficiency and convenience of text messaging.

About 60% of customers hang up when being placed on hold, and after they end the call, 30% never call back.

Quicker Response & Problem Resolution

With text messaging, your staff can efficiently handle multiple transactions with less friction in the conversation, allowing your business to provide fast solutions.

About 44% of customers said that they prefer texting a company’s customer service department because it was less time-consuming.

Request Service Conveniently

Providing convenience for your customer is crucial for business. Don’t wait until you lose them and give them what they need.

About 42% of customers said that they prefer to text a company because it was more convenient than using the telephone.

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