Reinvigorating the Mom and Pop 
store with a Texting Program

JUNE 2018

There’s nothing better after a long hard day of work than to tuck into a nice warm meal when you come home. It’s delicious, it’s filling, it’s nutritious, and best of all, it’s comforting. All people really want at the end of an exhausting day anyway is to be comforted and a nice home-cooked meal can really hit the spot. People crave comfort, and they do so in terms of almost every aspect of their lives. They want to wear the comfortable clothes, to live in the comfortable home, and just to live the comfortable life. People even want to be comfortable when they leave the home, and that’s why so many of those old mom and pop stores are still around. They’re comfortable to shop in and to spend time in, and the hope is that they stick around for a while longer.

What is it about the mom and pop store that makes it so endearing in the first place? Is it the old style design or maybe the charming clerks? If you asked me, what always made the neighborhood mom and pop store so special was the fact that it always reminded me of a small business enterprise succeeding and surviving despite the long odds. It’s admirable in a lot of ways, and once you start to think of a world with no more of them in it, and you want to hold on tightly to them even more, but how can they survive in this day and age especially with gigantic stores threatening to take their customers. The remedy to the threat of the mom and pop store getting eradicated from the marketplace is reminding people of why they fell in love with these shops in the first place.

The secret to rekindling the love affair with the mom and pop store is in reestablishing its small business image, something that can be accomplished by adopting a business texting program. By putting that program in place and allowing prospective customers to really have input on the store and its inventory, that idea of the small neighborhood store really is being brought back to life, albeit with a bit of a tech upgrade. The addition of a business texting program can even help the small store operate better, thus allowing it to remain as a fixture for a longer period of time. The secret to keeping the local mom and pop store going may be its willingness to step into the times of today and to adapt a texting program.

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