Customer Loyalty

JUNE 2018

Loyalty can only be expected when the relationship of both parties is on good terms. When one party perceives that it is getting the short end of the stick, then loyalty can start to fly out the window. In the context of business, customer loyalty works much in the same way. Perceived indifference is the leading cause of dissatisfaction among customers edging out only high prices. While a particular company may be doing its level best to keep their customers happy, it still only takes one unfavorable incident to turn a customer off on a company for good. This doesn’t have to be the case however, and improved communication can help with that.

Relationships, especially the good ones, are typically built upon a foundation of trust and communication. These are the two most crucial elements that allow for a relationship to bloom and develop over time, and it’s no different when it is a business relationship that is being discussed. In the context of business, poor communication and a lack of trust can lead to lost transactions down the line, prompting a reexamination of exactly how a company engages its customers in dialogue.

The customer-company relationship can break down once the line of communication is frayed, and that by itself can happen in a number of ways. Customers calling into a support line for instance may face the unenviable ordeal of having to repeat themselves over and over again just to voice their concerns and no one obviously wants to do that. Problems can also emerge when customers are left to deal with automated services and long waits between customer service representatives. As much as possible, companies need to actively avoid having that line of communication between them and their customers from breaking down. The establishment of a more reliable and easier to navigate communication system can aid with that, and if it comes with the added benefit of being convenient for the customer, then that would be ideal. The establishment of this improved communication line is the one sure way for a company to improve customer loyalty.

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